Extremely Tiny Request: Reverse doors

Idk why it bothers me, but looking at a door from the outside; Why is the door’s strong side facing you when it opens in, and the weak side when it opens out?

Homes in Alaska sometimes have reverse doors,that open outward, in order to make them bear-proof. Should a bear press against the door, it’ll be supported against the frame. Should a bear press against a regular door, It has to be fully supported by the catch or deadbolt.

Also, in beginner bases, it’s a MASSIVE space saver to make doors open outwards. But that requires you to put the weak side out.

so yea. simple request, Swap the weak-side/strong-side of doors, OR make doors swing outward rather than inward.

I think there should be a choice. 2 doors strong and weak opening in. Because to be frank. I like my doors to open in and the reason for the is so it dont push me back if i am running away from someone

Disagree. It’s nice having doors open inward when you need to enter your base quickly.

Honestly the whole strong side / weak side needs another pass of work on it because right now it’s really frustrating to build stuff while worrying about this.

What you say here actually makes sense. My own issue is with the twig walls not indicating the direction of the strong side or weak side through its visual design so it’s really easy to come back after 5 minutes and upgrade the twig to find the wall has been placed the wrong way.

I really hope they take another look.

yea… when that update went through (10 minutes of grace) it messed me all kinds of up with strong-side/weak-side, also because upgrading a door to armored is actually a smidge longer than the wood door…so i kinda had a door angled wrong that left me trapped in my home after the upgrade, because i couldn’t flip the door around…

Temp way to deal with this if you wanna plan all in one go is carry a stone pickaxe and hit the wall once when you place it. It will almost break if its the weak side and do little if strong, so you know to rotate.

Regular ax works as well. However, I’ve noticed that sometimes it won’t let me upgrade the wall afterwords until I repair it first.

I say make both sides of a door “strong.” If it’s my house and I want to demolish the door, I’ll attack the weak side of the DOOR FRAME (no reason to have a door fre without a door).


Just felt I should bring it up as a reminder that it’s a problem in this area that needs another look at.

how can i know which the strong and which the weak side is?

Look at the handle…


Handle on the right: weeak side

Handle on the left: strong side

this of course is if your looking at it from out side its wrong but from the inside its correct

If the homes in Alaska have the doors swinging out, that means the hinges and hinge pins are on the outside as well. What the hell stops someone from walking up, banging out the pins in 30 seconds, and removing the door? That seems like the worst idea ever.