New Players are highly welcomed we are very friendly towards them!
No Abusive Admins / Moderators!
Admin Help!
Admin Teleport / Unstuck Requests!
Economy (Buy, Sell and Trade with money)! Earn money from killing Zombies , Boars , Wolfs , Bears
Anti Decay so your awesome buildings do not dissapear!
Very big in preventing hackers! All Hackers instant banned + reported to facepunch for a vac ban!
Customized Looting system
Extreme PvP Server find Guns C4 Grenades + from air drops and zombies!
Non Military weapons (MP5’s, P250’s, Shotguns) common!
Door Share! (Share doors with your friend so you don’t need 2 doors to enter a building)
History so you can see what people said in chat
Grouping so you can group up with your buddies
Private Messaging
Random Air Drops!
Quests to have another objective to earn some guns or money!
Location command so that you can find your friends!
Admin Help so you can ask an admin for all your needs!

We hope to see you in our growing community!

To Connect To The Server Press F1 then type: net.connect

To Connect to our mumble server IP:

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))