"EY THE FOOKIN PROONS!" chestys picture i edited


C&C not too happy with the splosion

explosion would be better if you had applied smoke to the base + the gunshot effects on the ground are too stark as opposed to the crappy ground it’s applied on, resulting in it being absolutely out of proportion.

you burned the highlights of the picture resulting in the highlights being a dull grey: I see this happen too often and it never looks pretty.

The sky + helicopter + smoke looks good, though.

The explosion could use some work, other than that, very sexy. I don’t have good CC like ^

nice explosion, although the smoke could use some shading because smoke gets affected by light so its not just one color

Didn’t Chesty pose this? Anyways great edit.

Dude, it even says it’s Chesty’s pic in the title.

Report and move on.

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