EYE Assets

Hi there,

I want to present you some models that I’ve made for the game EYE http://eye.streumon-studio.com

The rotten :


The Excidium ( still in WIP ) :


And finally the interceptor ( a sort of aerial hunter ) :







I’ll post some new stuff soon.


That’s pretty fucking impressive. :open_mouth:

Thank you so much !

Holy balls
there beautiful!

These are incredible!

Those are really nice; would you mind telling me your render setup?

I must say, I do love these.

That game looks pretty fucking awesome, and this models are smoking hot.
Hope too see more of this stuff soon.

Yeah I checked out the website, and yes the game looks fucking awesome.

When the hell is it coming out? Been waiting forever for it.

It’s like Black Mesa. Never coming out until people get sick of waiting. :stuck_out_tongue:

The rotten puts MW2’s ak47 to shame.

space kalashnikov

Except the only similarity is the clip!

Wow. I’ve never heard of E.Y.E. before, but looking at your webpage and work here, I’m definitely going to keep an eye on this one. Keep up the good work.

Wow those models are awesome. The interceptor thing kinda looks like a heavily armoured Combine gunship to me.

well they are beautiful =O! are you planning to release them?

No thanks to my typography teacher, I can’t help but notice the rivers and valleys in your justified text :v: But yeah, very nice work there, hope to see more!