Eye Candy Mapping Contest

This competition is meant for nice, clean, mapping that has features that stand out compared to most other maps. The map does not have to have a story line, it is just meant to have a nice walk through. Custom models and textures are allowed. Your map could be based on a sub urban area, a hotel, a park, or anything.

[li]Only two entries per person.[/li][li]Your map must be playable on Garry’s Mod.[/li]
[li]No maps for L4D or L4D2.[/li][li]Must allow a player to walk though. Even if it’s a path a few hundred feet away from a building, make a path that you can walk around and show the building. [/li]
[li]Your game can use the game engines (on source sdk): Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2 (My Favorite. :D), Portal, Day of Defeat: Source, Counter-Strike: Source.[/li][li]If you can please do not use Episode 1 or Episode 2[/li]*
[li]You can use one of your previous works, if you steal someone elses, you will automatically be disqualified. [/li]
*This is not an actual rule, it won’t lower your grade or anything in the end. I’d prefer you did not though, because I do not have Episode One and Two. Although, if it comes down to it in the end I’ll go on my alternate steam account, or just buy Episode 1 and 2 so I have it. Just please, make sure all of your maps can be played on Garry’s Mod.

[li]How detailed it is.[/li][li]If it has a nice layout.[/li][li]How artistic you were.[/li][li]Final Touches (These can include animations, like lets say if you made a map for Portal, you can do kind of like Portal 2, where everything is rebuilding itself, and things like that.)[/li][/ul]

[li]Reactors[/li][li]Open Spot[/li][li]Open Spot[/li][li]Open Spot[/li][/ul]
I have three open spots for people that I’ve seen on the mapping section a lot, but will obviously need to be requested by them, via post or private message.

To enter, just simply say you want to enter, and try to post content every once and a while. (Not constantly, just once a week or less to show us you’re still working, but post it as much as you want.)

A few pictures for inspiration.
My personal favorite picture for inspiration (it inspires me at least)


No reward :L?

Optimisation in an “eye candy” contest?

I will judge.

It’s like a modelling challenge with a 1000 poly limit :v:

Also, if I were to make something like this I’d use a shitload of custom content, you’d just get a clusterfuck if you’d open my vmf. The contest is good, but the rules are kinda wonky.

I’ll judge aswell.

I agree, now that I’m not as tired, optimization would be a very bad idea.

As for judges, I’ll pick when I wake up more. I’ve been up for like thirty hours and just drank a monster, but I want to be actually awake.

@erie I’m not so sure yet. I’ve been thinking about having a few low-dollar rewards, or possibly game rewards. I’ll be sure to post more on rewards when I decide.

I’d like to be judge.

Also you couldn’t have waited til the other contest finished?

Regarding the rule stating we must allow players to walk through our map, does this mean we’ll have to release it? If that’s the case then I would have to go through the trouble of zipping up all sorts of custom content and shit, which I only do with maps I release to the public for play, not for map battle entries. Tell me if I’m misinterpreting the reasoning for this rule. I think it would be more challenging to have to fit as much detail as possible in to a single frame without making it a cluster fuck of nonsense.

You miserable… You don’t map for reward. Mapping is supposted to be fun. At least sometimes.

If I have to pack it all up at the end and release it I’m not entering.
Too much hassle and the filesize would be huge.

Dude could you just wait until the single player contest is over and maybe more people will join this.

Yeah, I’m kinda sticking with the single player contest for now, even though eye candy seems like it would be a lot quicker/ more fun to do, I’ve already put in at least a week of working on my entry for the single player contest, I’m not giving that up.

Yeah singleplayer is just a chance to do eye-candy AND gameplay.

:tinfoil: Why are people making competitions when we already have some running.

No, im putting eye candy in my single player map.

What a boring thread to read…

Not a great OP, but i like the idea.