Eye-Candy maps

I am looking for some sort of eye-candy maps.
Something like this, this, or this. It has to extraordinary detailed, because I want to pose on it and don’t want it to look source-engine-minimum, if you know what I mean…

Could you recommend me some? Maybe not from garrysmod.org, as I think I have seen everything already…

There’s a filter in the Toybox Maps that allows you to filter in eye-candy maps.

If your looking for a small town that is actually an RP map. (Probably the most underated at that)


Yes, I have tried that as well. Haven’t found too many there…

To the other post: That’s not really what I am looking for. Role-play maps are mostly huge, empty maps. I am searching for detailed, smooth-lightened maps where you can pose scenes.



You could use the default css maps. They are detailed.

The Paranoia series. The third was just released yesterday. (Paranoia, Insomnia & Hypnophobia)