Eye Follower tool?

I was looking for something along these lines and could only find http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=19195 but it seems like its now outdated since all it does is cause the eyes to roll up into the ragdolls head. Would it be possible for anyone to make a new version of this?

Bumping since it’s getting buried.

After some testing with an RT cam it looks like the eyes do follow the player but are HORRIBLY off. Would something like this require some touch ups to the mod or would it have to be completely rewritten?

it would only work for singleplayer wouldn’t it? You cant have 2 eyes following > 1 person

I’ve only tested it in single player and those are the results, I’m pretty sure multiplayer is out of the question.

Still looking for a fix or something similar. Anybody?

Alright so any takers for $20? I can do paypal!