Eye Mode Looks Amazing!

Wow I have not posted here in a while. I just felt the need to return after seeing a video of what the devs are calling eye mode. If you haven’t seen it check out the latest dev blog. It looks extremely immersive in comparison to the first person mode and I hope the devs take it into serious consideration. The blog stated it was a possibility but it baffles me that they don’t realize the improvement. It looks like it has it’s issues but what do you expect from something made in less than a week. Team, if you’re reading this: seriously consider it.

Does anyone agree?


I agree 100%. Even the crude version they’ve added so far looks amazing. Obviously it’s going to need tweaking before it looks correct and, more importantly, plays correct… but it’s a huge addition.

I like it very much too. That head bobbing while running, jumping, strafing and even turning looks amaizing. Like it was in legacy while running.

And i dont know for what reason FPS mode now looks like a bad steadicam filmed TV series about barrels.

How does one enable this?

From what i have read only admins can enable this using F3 (the old 3rd person key).
So unless it can be modded in you would have to wait for them to add it in.

we’ll finally be able to look down and see our willeh.

wonder if someone can make a mod to change the size of the said willeh lol

tape magnifying glass to monitor, Done.

I’m a gamer, and know lots of gamers. If this feature were in place, it would be the first time in a long time many of us could say we looked down and saw our willies. Normally, there’s far too much gut in the way for that.

Actually, a more realistic mod would be to have a “shrinkage factor” linked to ambient temperature.

I’ve been a gamer for about 30 years I’ve never lost sight of my willeh.

Ditto. 30+ years for me as well. Until a couple of years ago when I lost a shitload of weight, what my willeh and toes looked like was a mystery…