Eye posing in DModelPanel [GMod 13]

I use a DModelPanel to display a ragdoll model.
When I freshly change the model, it’s eyes point down.
I currently use Model.Entity:SetEyeTarget(Vector(-60, 0, 36)) to make it look at the camera position.

My problem is, the eyes don’t set on the given vector instantly. They rotate towards the target at a certain speed.
Actually, when I set the target, the eyes move instantly, pointing to the right (of the ragdoll) and THEN move towards my target.
Is there any way to move the eyes instantly?

Upon more tests, the eyes rotate towards the same direction, every time, no matter what value I give to the function.

I really need help with this.
I tried changing the values of flexes too… It didn’t work. :expressionless:

Bump again.
The issue still stands… :frowning: