Eye refract not working

I have eye refract for the eyes of my model and it doesnt work. the eyes are supposed to look like this:

but they look like this for me:

can anyone help me fix this?

Post your vmt.
Also please don’t make this model.

$Iris “models\kp0988\Models\Elsa
$AmbientOcclTexture “models\kp0988\Models\Elsa\gambler_eye_ao”
$Envmap “Engine/eye-reflection-cubemap-”
$CorneaTexture “Engine/eye-cornea”
$EyeballRadius “1.75”
$AmbientOcclColor “[.4 .3 .27]”
$Dilation “1.5”
$ParallaxStrength “0.25”
$CorneaBumpStrength “1”
$halflambert 1
$nodecal 1
$ambientocclusion 1
$selfillum 1
$RaytraceSphere 1
$SphereTexkillCombo 0

what circumstances differ between the first image and second image?

the first is not by me. the second is by me. the difference is that the first images eyes has the light refract from the eye giving it a shine plus the blue in more promounced.the second however doesnt have that it no light refracts how is supposed to and the eye looks grey and not blue. in the model viewer the eyes look like the first image but change in game

is mat_specular set to 1?

what are your graphics settings?

graphics setting in game is maxed. wat is mat_specular

it’s a command in console that enables specular materials

should it be set to one?