Eye setup

I just learned how to facepose and now i want to try to make the model I’m working on eyeposing.
I followed the tutorial for Qc eyes Here but it wont work.

Can anyone tell me how they set up there models eyes?

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I’m using 3DS Max if that is important.

Specifics as in how it’s not working? Just not showing up, materials missing, errors, what.

You can see the pupils but the eyes don’t follow you in the model viewer.

I can’t remember or not if this is needed, but do you have a head attachment bone linked to the head bone?

I have a eye and mouth attachment linked to the head buts that’s all.
Does it matter where the where the attachment is on the head?

I don’t think so. Take a look at a decompiled citizen, see how that is.

There was a anim_attachment_head attachment so I’m going to try that.

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Didn’t work.

Hm. You have a flexfile line, right? Eye posing doesn’t like to work without that for some reason.

$model "hunted" "hunted_reference_eyes2.smd" {
    eyeball righteye "ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1" -1.33 -3.35 67.39 "eyeball_r" 1.00 4 "pupil_r" 0.63
    eyeball lefteye "ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1" 1.38 -3.35 67.39 "eyeball_l" 1.00 -4 "pupil_l" 0.63

    eyelid  upper_right "hoodless_hunter_flex" lowerer 1 0.00 neutral 0 0.01 raiser 2 0.01 split 0.1 eyeball righteye
    eyelid  lower_right "hoodless_hunter_flex" lowerer 3 -0.01 neutral 0 -0.00 raiser 4 0.00 split 0.1 eyeball righteye
    eyelid  upper_left "hoodless_hunter_flex" lowerer 1 -0.08 neutral 0 -0.08 raiser 2 -0.07 split -0.1 eyeball lefteye
    eyelid  lower_left "hoodless_hunter_flex" lowerer 3 -0.09 neutral 0 -0.09 raiser 4 -0.08 split -0.1 eyeball lefteye

    flexfile "hoodless_hunter_flex" {
          flex "Jaw" frame 1

     flexcontroller phoneme Jaw "range" -1.000 1.000
    %Jaw =  Jaw

There is the part with the flexes and eye settings.

You applied an eyeball_r and eyeball_l texture to each of the model’s balls?


Well what the hell. Maybe try this, I don’t know.

     eyeball righteye ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1 -1.33 -3.35 67.39 eyeball_r 1.000  4.000 head 0.630
     eyeball lefteye ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1 1.38 -3.35 67.39 eyeball_l 1.000  -4.000 head 0.630

Still nothing.

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Could it be the eyelids part? I adjusted them so it would compile.

Try commenting it out, see what happens.

Still nothing.

I am stumped honestly.

The model I’m working on is this one: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?1011476-L4D2-Hoodless-Hunter-Hexed

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If you want I can try and send all the files to you.

Do you have a forward attachment?

I do not, and looking a decompiled citizen .qc I need to add a bone named “ValveBiped.forward” for that attachment to work.

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I was just looking at the Chuck Greene model and it doesn’t have that attachment.

I have no idea what could be causing the problem.