Eye texture extremely small,and teeth texture appear inside mouth

So,i ripped model and then applying texture,but there is a problem:
The eye texture resized extremely small and centered like this

And then,the teeth texture appear inside the mouth instead in front

Anyone know how to fix these (im new to ripping model)

Eyes might be a problem with the UV map having been ripped incorrectly. If you’re bringing it to source its not that major of an issue since source handles the iris and pupil separately from the actual ball. If you need to fix it you could try ripping again or just select the eyeballs, go to Modifiers, Unwrap UVW and see how the model is unwrapped, if they’re super tiny like you might just need to scale up the UV map.

As far as the mouth its most likely the normals are just flipped. Just go select the faces you want to flip, then go to the modifiers in Max, go to Normal and set it to flip normals. Should put them on the proper side.

not sure if this is relevant but you might wanna try to increase the mipmapping lod to display the highest resolution texture of the iris or eyeball in the viewport. i don’t get how you can preview models like that.

now… that teeth might need a lil more work. i mean… they should have inner and outer polygons. it’s not completely visible there what the mouth looks like. shrugs as it looks it’s a duplicated thing. you might seperate the mouth cavity from the teeth and puzzle front and back together somehow. should work tho.

Well,normal fliping doesn’t work,they only switch sides instead appear in front
But,turn out the front part is EXTREMELY small like picture below (it marked with red)

I tried resizing and fitting,but its came out fucked up like this

Have any idea how to fix this?

Fixed the eyes and teeth
Thank you guys

Would you main explaining how you fixed the issues, so if anyone else finds themselves with the same problems and comes across this thread, they can see what you did to fix it?

Sorry, it’s just a pet peeve of mine when people ask for help and then just post “fixed it” without explaining how. :v:

For eye,the UV was not correct,i have to move the “bits” (a dot that connect the uv lines) a lot,until i got the desired result.
And for mouth,as you see in picture,turned out,the small UV (red one) is actually the exterior,whereas the big one interior part