Eye texture missing?

I recently booted up garrys mod and all of the survivor models are missing eye textures, this goes for the l4d human riot police, And enhanced citizens. Any suggestions?

Are you running in DirectX 8? All of these models use the EyeRefract shader, which requires the game to be rendered under DX9.

That could be it. Let me check.

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I’ts rendering in dx9, How do i stop this?

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changing it didn’t do anything…

Did you tamper with any materials recently? The l4d survivors, chell, citizens all use the material eyeball_l.vtf, pupil_r.vtf etc and you may have removed or done sometihing to those. You can find these in materials\models\player. make sure there’s nothing wrong with them or anything. If they have been removed, try extracting them from another source game using gcfscape to open the pak01_dir file. If that isn’t the problem, then i’m not sure whats causing it.

Try creating the fallback shaders yourself, Valve Developer Community and Chell’s eyeball_l + eyeball_r VMT files can show and explain how it’s done, I have made custom fallbacks for the Survivors myself but am not using them because I am on DirectX 9, I also don’t intend to release them

I had the same problem recently, try reinstalling Gmod. It worked for me.