Eye Texture problem

I have just made my first playermodel for Team Fortress 2, it’s a Scout playermodel of Marie from Splatoon, I used the Splatoon Playermodel Gmod addon to get Marie’s model and textures. Unfortunately, I got issues making the eye texture show up.

The playermodel doesn’t use any flexes, so the eyes are meant to be static. The original model used flexes but I don’t want to deal with that yet, as I got no experience with such things. That’s why I removed them.

This is what the Marie playermodel looks like right now, the right image is what the eyes should look like (obviously):

Things I have tried is to rename all the eye vtf textures, such as the eyelids, pupils, and so on. Doing that didn’t help. The .qc file does have a few attachments left which I all took from the Scout’s .qc file, namely “eyes”, “righteye” and “lefteye”, if that makes any difference.

Help is much appreciated, once I got this annoying eye texture fixed then I will try to improve the rigging further, and hopefully release this. Please note I am completely new to this, so the fix for this might be very obvious. I can show the .qc file if needed, and the vmts.

What do your textures look like? If the eyes are still on the original model texture it should just be a matter of changing the material names.

Here is m_inkling_eye.vtf:






These names were changed, were originally called m_eye, m_pupil_l and m_pupil_r

Hmm. Well for now since you want to can flexes you should be able to just assign the m_inkling_pupil_l/r materials to the respective eyes and edit the UVs to make them appear on the mesh.

I got no experience with UV mapping unfortunately, so I’m kinda confused as to what to do here, and how to get the help I need.

Small bump, but are there any good tutorials out there for UV mapping in Blender?

Well you shouldn’t make it that complicated. Theoretically you won’t have to touch the UVs at all.

Before you do anything, try assigning the m_inkling_pupil_r/l VMTs to the eyes and removing the eye QC code, it should work.

I have already assigned the textures to the VMTs, and I tried just now to remove all the eye attachments in the QC, sadly this made no difference.