Eyeball skin too transparent

Hi :downs:

I made a skin for the eyeball of a DP’s film character, and it worked, but the character its self has a problem :v:

This is the model that kinda screwed with the eyeball skin


This is the eyeball


And this is the Eyeball.vmt
$Iris “Models\DPfilms\Characters\Casual_Evans\eyeball”
$AmbientOcclTexture “Models\DPfilms\Characters\shared\eye_ao”
$Envmap “Engine/eye-reflection-cubemap-”
$CorneaTexture “Engine/eye-cornea”
$lightwarptexture “Models\DPfilms\Characters\shared\eye_lightwarp”
$EyeballRadius “0.5”
$AmbientOcclColor “[.4 .4 .4]” Default 0.33, 0.33, 0.33
$Dilation “.5”
$ParallaxStrength “0.25”
$CorneaBumpStrength “.5”
$halflambert 1
$nodecal 1
$ambientocclusion 1

$RaytraceSphere 0
$SphereTexkillCombo 0

So,guys, I wanna know to make the eye much less transparant.

Thanks for all your answers. :v:

It’s a bug that happens with new scratch made textures for some reason. if you nab an original in photoshop and put your new on top of it and save as VTF it should fix it.

I could never figure out what was the exact cause though.

Thanks a lot sir. :v:

it’s the fact that you’re missing diffuse alpha channel.