Eyefinity for Garry's Mod? Will pay for fix.

I created a support ticket not too long ago which they said they would get in touch with Garry, but he hasn’t responded and it’s been about 3 or 4 months. Eyefinity is a huge immersive experience, but when you have a game that doesn’t support it, it makes you want to throw something out the window, and I don’t just mean the family pet. Everything out the window.

Anyways, it does support it, but it doesn’t support it well… At all. The scoreboards, chat, spawn menu, everything was spanned across all 3 monitors. The left monitor has my chat, and when I’m looking at my middle monitor (the one you look at 98.7% of the time) I can’t see the chat, unless I turn my head almost 90 degrees. The spawn menu is also cut in between all 3 monitors which makes find and spawning things near impossible. The right monitor has ammo and people talking which takes another 90 degree headturn… There are a lot more things, but basically it makes the monitors a full monitor which is what Eyefinity was intended to do, but in the same sense, it’s not in games.

For example, Battlefield 3, a game made for hardcore gamers, supports it very very well (see links). All of the HUD elements are constrained to the middle monitor, since the side monitors are just there for peripheral vision, not to look at for chat, health etc.

I will be willing to pay someone to fix this issue, and it shouldn’t be hard, so it’s a quick $20. I have the most hours in that game than any other game in my library. (Close to 2,500 hours and that isn’t idle time) If anyone can do this, it would make me a very happy camper. Since I have gotten the 3 monitors, I haven’t been able to play Garry’s Mod for hours on end like I used because of the issue at hand. It just bugs the hell out of me.

Sorry for the long message, and I have included a TL;DR.

TL;DR : Will pay $20 to fit everything on the middle monitor.


BattleField 3 http://i.imgur.com/BmWeEfg.jpg

Bioshock Infinite http://i.imgur.com/ONFNydI.jpg

Make a request thread in Next Version Moaners Club, this sub-form is for general help.

You couldJust code a simple HUD to work with eyefinity to get it all on one screen for a temporary fix

It wouldn’t work for dermas, main menu, and other servers. So eh, no.

There is a lot of stuff that needs to be re adjusted in GMOd. I read somewhere that it also supported the oculus rift, but it doesn’t really work right now.

I have tried the infinity ingame in Garry mod, but I didn’t know it messed up the hud. I was only using two screens at the time though.

To be honest I do not see much of this actually being worked on, by garry and others. I think he is really busy with other stuff right now. Which is a shame because I would like to get one more screen and do the same thing.

You could try and glitch the screen maybe. Try going ingame on one screen then alt tab and do the eyefinity stuff, Not sure if that would work though, would just be best to experiment.