Eyelids on head hacks

I’ve noticed that on a number of head hacks the eyelids don’t work, I’m wondering if there is a way/method to fix this myself as I’m planning on (eventually) starting to do my own hacks and this would help me greatly (and save on a lot of head aches later on).

Any and all info on this if greatly welcome and appreciated.

Nope as far as we know there is no way to fix it. The only one for which you could is Male_06 as his VTA file comes with the SDK (and i’m assuming it will be intact).

Try this

    %CloseLidLoR = (( right_CloseLid /  4.000) + ( right_CloseLid /  4.000))
    %CloseLidUpR = (( right_CloseLid /  4.000) + ( right_CloseLid /  4.000))
    %CloseLidUpL = (( left_CloseLid /  4.000) + ( left_CloseLid /  4.000))
    %CloseLidLoL = (( left_CloseLid /  4.000) + ( left_CloseLid /  4.000))

What does that do?

Try putting it in place of the invalid flex lines, it might fix them, it might not

Its the flexfile itself thats broken when you decompile it, it doesn’t process the left eyelid flex because its on the same frame as the right one or something. Its not actually got much to do with the QC (at least I think it doesn’t).

Did you try what I said

You would have to put some new flexes in for them to work.

I see how it is, Chris. I make a topic, it gets ignored. You make the same topic, and everyone loses their minds.