Eyelids on Headhack wont shut

Yes, i know this might be an Old problem, but im getting annoyed at everytime i do try and change the QC and look up Flexes, i cannot make my models close their eyes.

Is there ANYONE who knows how to fix this problem?

Post the QC.

Specifically the eyelid parts.


I’d say him. The nude Faith model he released is a headhack where the eyes still work.

You can’t fix it without remaking all the eyelid flexes.

You can fix it to an extent actually.

If you mean make it work like those old fingerposable citizen models did then that’s just making it worse.
Or is there some other way?

Bloo did it on his human hunter model.

So, i have to Redo the flexes on my characters face?

Post your QC. :confused: