EyeRefract Question

Hi guys, I just want to make a quick question:

How do I make the EyeRefract effect on the eyes of model that I converted?
Like in this example

I’ve got some clues about it in the developers wiki but the article was kinda confused for me.

Thanks for any info!

If I remember right it depends on the alpha of the diffuse.

Like, how do I do the Textures that are described on the eyerefract vmt files like cornea, iris, etc, because when I use the textures from another ragdoll my model gets white eyes.


Just find a model you like, that has nice looking eyes, and reverse engineer the textures and tweak the .vmt settings until it looks good. That’s what I did for my custom models.

you sure the issue isn’t with your QC setup?

send me ur model ill do it

That’s a nice gesture but that won’t teach him if he’d prefer to learn on his own.

Okay i got it “half-working” the problem is when I rotate her eyes this happens:


It’s like her Iris is stretched all over the eye.

Here’s the model file if you wanna check it (if you wanted the .smds just reply)

Mediafire link: https://www.mediafire.com/?0d2srkbb3ha1urm

you forgot to pack up the .VVD to the model.

I didn’t worked with these extensions while porting, could you please explain what you meant? or how do I make those VVDs?

the model compiler makes it, it should be with the rest of the files.
You just didn’t include it in the zip

Ah my bad sorry XD ill upload again in some minutes

Okay I’ve fixed the link.

bump, any ideas how to fix the problem on the image?

I can’t even load the model in hlmv any chance of complication files?

No problem, http://www.mediafire.com/download/s9klfssuwa5q680/lightningfflrSmds.rar
I’ve even included the .vta and .qc files if you want.

Oh and btw, If you could see why her eyes don’t rotate I would be thankfull.

ok doing magic brb…
stares into ur soul



done check pm for files


Her hair needs to either be welded or smoothed properly too it seems. Aside from that, I’d either reduce the bumpmap or add some lightwarp and to recreate the subsurface scattering shader a lot of asian games use for that super smooth skin.

maybe you should give it a go the files are there :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to refrain from doing people’s work for them. Considering this is a help forum, all that does is moves around the problem and then they end up stuck again later on.

I had to fix some stuff and get the model recompiled, and I’ll fix up the textures a bit. They make my eyes sting.

The hair still does need to be either welded or smoothed (whichever it is). I’d do this for you, but importing SMD files with my version of max truncates the smoothing groups which doesn’t help.


I cleaned up the VMT files and slapped the values I used for Vella in them, though this was for the skin. Vella’s skin is separate while this just uses a single material. It also looks like half the materials/textures are completely unused.

I’ll probably split the leather and such later to make it look nicer. I also just discovered what lightwarp does to that cloth. It looks really great in my opinion. The light refracts in a manner that makes it look a lot like a real cloth.


Anyway, there’s a lot I’d still do, but I can’t do much without being able to really touch the model. If you want to bother with these material edits, upload the .max or .blend file if possible along with the edits cra0kalo did so we can also avoid having 3 different versions you’re trying to figure out how to use. I’ll try to write up an explanation as to what I actually did so it’s still worth something in the end. Aside from that, if you don’t wish to bother with it or you’re happy with what you have now, don’t worry about it.

On a side note, you don’t need a material for every texture you have. It looks like all that is spat out from something like wallworm, but if it isn’t, you don’t need to use a material for each mask and such as well. The material just tells the engine what textures to use, what shaders to use, what values to use, and so on. It’s not really needed to tell the engine the texture exists before being used by another material.