Eyes appear brighter than texture

If the title didn’t say it, the eyes on the model I’m porting is a lot brighter than the texture.
I don’t know if it’s because of my doing or just how the source engine works.

Here’s one of the .vmts

And here’s a comparison between blender and HLMV.

I hope it’s not just me being stupid.

Check your eyes texture has correct alpha.

Eight bit alpha is checked, I’m new at this so I don’t know if it’s wrong.

I’ve encountered worse problems with this model so I’m thinking of starting over or just giving up, but thanks anyways.

Can you post the texture itself? It may or may not need transparency at all.

I guess you wanted it’s the vtf you wanted.

that texture alone is enough. just remove the alpha and set the clamp flags. whether on export from your tool or using vtfedit. then replace the eyeball materials with cheap eye shader.

	$basetexture	models
	$iris		models

without refract. looks shit on those models anyway. cheap is easy. the eyeball is actually irrelevant. it’s completely covered by the iris ball. if you want to use a shaded eyeball under the iris you gotta create the proper alpha channel in the iris texture.

Try make black alpha channel on your eyeball texture.

This worked! Thank you so much.

Now I’ve encountered another problem but I don’t know if I should continue this thread or start a new one.
When I try to light the model it acts super weird, lighting the model from the front lights the model up from above and above light up the front it’s really weird, but right and left seems to work as intended.

Sorry for the horrible explanation here’s a quickly made image on how it seems to work.

I don’t know if it’s just the model that’s weird or I goofed something up.

Sounds (and looks, from what we can see of the model in HLMV) like the normals are broken.

Do you use 3dsmax or Blender? And regardless, can you get us a few pictures (or a quick video) of the model at various rotations in HLMV?

I use blender, and I hope this will suffice.

Yeah, the normals definitely look broken.

If you can toss me the SMD, I can verify, and if the normals are indeed broken, I will fix them for you. You’ll need to redo any smoothing groups, though.

If the normals are the problem, then you’ll want to look up the Blender equivalent to 3dsMax’s “Reset Normals” control.

I hope dmx will do otherwise I can export it as a smd.

I think it is just the “texture” itself. I have dealing with this before.

If you use the Photoshop or GIMP something like that. Set image opacity lower to 1% and save texture that support the alpha.
You can see the various Valve’s texture data formats support alpha and non right here : https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Valve_Texture_Format

Sorry if I’m bumping what’s supposed to be a dead thread.

For what I can see with my limited knowledge of modelling the normals in blender on the XPS model and the DMX seem to be normal, it’s not until I compile it that the normals gets messed up.
I tried compiling in crowbar as opposed to the blender add-on but I got the same results.
I don’t know if there’s a fix or I’m just doing something wrong, the QC is copied from another model that works fine.