Eyes texture problem

Hi all! i was testing the eyes textures for my new model and i realized there was something strange in the eyes:

The eyes looks like if it were taken from a frikkin anime. How can i fix that?
I tried changing the eyes textures (also the .vmt), checking the .qc files and nothing!
I even changed the eyes models but it didn´t work.

I need some help with what is causing this!

Nope, even anime eyes look better than that. The mouth on the other hand . . .

Anyway, post your QC if you don’t mind. As for eyes, do they use the “eyes” and “Eyeball” shaders?

Here´s the QC:

and here´s the VMT (left eye):

The right eye is just the same .vmt and map texture but with other name (for not use the same textures)

Make sure the attachments are correct.

Where is your eye Attachment in the qc??



$attachment "eyes" "ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1" 3.00 -4.00 0.00 rotate -0 -80 -90

Everything else seems fine

Since SourceSDK is broken, i couldn´t view it in the HLVM, but i could open it in the HLVM of the CSGO SDK.

You were right, the attachments were behind the head, so i fixed that.
However, it didn´t fixed the eyes texture problems.

I tried compiling only the eyes of the model: the first image is from the eyes taken from another model but adapted to the body, and the second is from the same eyes but not adapted to the model.

Both .qc of the models have been adapted to the eyes.

I took so long to reply because I was doing tests to determinate if was something related to the .vmt, to the model or to the QC.

It looks like if it were the model AND the QC, but this error seems to have no sense for me.

@cra0kalo: thanks to what you posted here, i found out that the y-axis values were wrong, so now is fixed :D.

Thanks a lot!

No problem :slight_smile:

I too need help with eye textures. I know that eye textures (that much I know). Another thing is that my eye textures are part of the face textures (located in the face_diffuse texture). So my question is, do I just crop out the eyeballs and then paste it on the character? I also need to make the iris (I saw that while reading some forums). Help will be appreciated!

Yes cut out the iris texture

Alright, I’ll let you know if it works.