Eyeshine V2

So, a bit of background on this. I like dinosaurs (can you tell?), and I wanted to make another nature-y picture in the same vein as my Queen of the Swamp (http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1370481). This time, I wanted to feature raptors, so I chose a forest night scene. I started thinking about how nocturnal animals’ eyes reflect light, and this picture was born. There’s an earlier version that I posted a day or two ago, but it kinda sucked, so I remade it.

You could have just replaced the picture on the original threat y’know

His picture is being threatened?

A bit better, too bad those 2 leaves are super bright.

But anywho, looks better.

Well, they’re being hit by a flashlight, so that’s to be expected.