If you need to put a disclaimer on your picture, you should probably work on it more so that you don’t need one.

The picture itself is okay, the eyes should at least have some texture on them though, instead of just being balls of light, and there should be moonlight hitting the trees, unless this is on another planet.

Actually, the eyeshine is only on the pupils; the rest of the eye is normally textured. And, having spent a fair amount of time in the Amazon, I can safely say that moonlight rarely, if ever, gets through the trees.

I know the rest of the eye is. When my dog’s eyes are shining from a light, I can still see the pupil. A cat too, I’m just saying that there should be a small amount of texture coming through, but that’s just me.

As for the moonlight, I guess for the Amazon it would be fine, but for the sake of the screenshot, I’d still add it in, because the rest of the picture is just empty blackness.

Eh, you’ve shamed me into redoing it. I’ll make a new version.