So im making a money printer using a 3D2D on the top as a touchscreen. I’m trying to get the position of the mouse cursor.
Here is the code for cl_init.lua

local endVector = Vector(0,0,11)
surface.CreateFont( "DollarBills", {
	font = "Arial", -- Use the font-name which is shown to you by your operating system Font Viewer, not the file name
	extended = false,
	size = 75,
	weight = 500,
	blursize = 0,
	scanlines = 0,
	antialias = true,
	underline = false,
	italic = false,
	strikeout = false,
	symbol = false,
	rotary = false,
	shadow = false,
	additive = false,
	outline = false,
} )

function ENT:Draw()
	local eye = LocalPlayer():GetEyeTrace()
	local Pos = self:GetPos()
	local Ang = self:GetAngles()
	cam.Start3D2D(Pos + Ang:Up() * 11.5, Ang, 0.1) -- The reason for plussing endVector is to raise the 3D2D above the printer instead of inside.
	if(eye.Entity:GetClass() == "dank_printer") then

hook.Add("HUDPaint", "EyeTraceOnPrinter", function()

	local eye = LocalPlayer():GetEyeTrace()

	if(eye.Entity:GetClass() == "dank_printer") then

		draw.SimpleText(eye.Entity:GetNWInt(1),"DollarBills",ScrW() * 0.5,ScrH() * 0.485, Color(0,0,0),1)
		local cursorPos = eye.HitPos()

net.Receive("Hint", function()
	notification.AddLegacy( "You've collected $"..net.ReadString().." from the printer.", NOTIFY_GENERIC , 3.5 )
	surface.PlaySound( "buttons/button15.wav" )

And screenshot of error:

I tried googling the error, but it only came up with people trying to print a userdata value, I just try to store it in a varible.
Thanks in advance.
BTW: Feel free to call me dumb if you know the solution lol.

eye.HitPos is a value not a function

Thanks, sometimes it would really help if my brain could actually function when im debugging lol.