Ezio Master Assassin Ragdoll

Hi, i´m new on this, so please don´t be hard with me. I wanna ask if somebody can make me a favor. Can somebody makes me a ragdoll of Ezio Auditore Da Firenze with the suit of Master Assassin from Assassins Creed Brotherhood?. Sorry, i would like do it by myself but i don now how make a ragdoll for GMOD. I really thanks you if somebody helps me.

P.D: Sorry for my bad english. I´m latinoamerican

again…please look other posts there are like 23 like this

Where? I can´t find it

search assassins creed facepunch on google or something

Do what is stated above and also, Pictures, pictures, and more pictures. We need pictures so modelers can have a reference.

lol, you can’t win though. You could choose not to make a request thread and just go right to one of the other “23” threads and reply and get someone like blophead telling you not to bump an old thread.

I’d get XNALara downloaded if you really need to pose him.

Master Assassin Altair Armor:


Master Assassin Revelations:


Master Assassin Brotherhood:


This pics can be useful?

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Thats whas the first what I did it. The only Ezio model what I found, is this one:

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I dont wanna offense you, but, I cannot understand a shit.