Ezio vs. Ivy

Contessa! Your weapon is strange to me!”

“Is that a fact, messere? Perhaps you’d like to know it more intimately?”


Been awhile since I did one of these kinds of shots, so here we go. All in-game.

Where can i download guardians models?

They’re actually all models of Ezio dressed up as a gaurd. They were included with the models of AC2 Ezio, but I can’t find the thread. They were originally released by Nexus_Elite.

Thank you

Her outfit doesn’t seem combat effective 0/10

It’s a Japanese EOD suit, what are you talking about?

There’s absolutely no feel of motion at all, which really lets this down.

Think adding some motion blur would have helped?

Possibly, but the posing itself is also very undynamic - it’s almost as if Ezio had superglue on his bracer, and so they took the opportunity to stop moving and talk.

Ah, ok.