Ezio, With Fixed Facemap.

Here, so lazy jackasses don’t have to do it themselves

Credits go to original author

Sorry, i forgot the images, it has Male_09 edited facemap.

I highly doubt the original author of the model would want you to touch his model.

And give credits to him on the gmod.org page too.

I did

You know, most release threads have more, y’know, content. Were it not for the fact that I read the original’s thread, I might not know:

a) Who or what this “Ezio” is
b) Why it needs a changed face
c) Who made the original
and d) Why I should DL this

Put some work into it next time.

and e) Did you get permission from the original creator to do this.

I for one applaud you sir, original creator was pissed because someone released his model, and wanted to fuck people over who don’t know how to replace things.

Douchebaggery begets douchebaggery.

Did the person who ported this model get the creators permission?


Original author wouldn’t mind because he didn’t make it. It was a port from Oblivion mod I think.