F-14 Tomcat

It’s been some time since I last posted something on facepunch.

F-14 Tomcat all the jizz, flies great, might just be my best frame yet. (I’ll add a vid as soon as I get the sweep right). weighs in at 240 props. Still needs gear and sweeping function.

Bunch of pics for now, but I’ll get on the vid as soon as I fixed the wings.

Oh yeah, I raped Gibbo




cool plane, looks snazzy

good to have ya back man :smiley:

nice plane too

jk i didnt like it

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Seen it on the server tonight, the most accurate model i have seen so far. The angles on the intakes look perfect. Very nice work.


The wings look sweept out in the last few pics

I saw it ingame, handles like a fucking dream. Nice jawb, mayte.

Best tomcat yet

I have the sweeping, but I’m lacking the mechanics and shit. The actual function so to say. Anyway, I’ll shoot a video of it up.

“Shh this will be over very quickly.”

It was indeed.


When you get the wing folding working, This contraption will be one.

Hahah, awesome… Looking good, förresten det gör mig sugen att börja spela lite gmod faktsikt.

download and Video added to op. gogogog.

d’aww, glad to help, man.

Why would you make a video of your plane on a dark map???

What addons do you need for this? i get 2 errors.

that’s pretty fucking awesome, simple.

I kinda thought It’d look cool with the moon and night sky, maybe it was a bit too dark. At least it helped to conceal the weird shaddows that some of the XQM props cast. I can’t really make videos anymore, this one is just a crap vid of me flying around doing pretty much the same thing for 5 minutes, some low passes here and there and a simulated stall at around 4:20-4:30.

Also, I totally forgot about the shit I was supposed to say. Kinda rushed everything :stuck_out_tongue:

You need the ACF client to see all the props, cause it has 2 or 3 acf models. And thanks to Lazermaniac(?) for making those models :smiley:
Otherwise its just common addons like wire/phx svn.