F-15 Eagle

Just got into my first beta of this model so i thought i would post it. It still lacks alot of details, but its complete enough to show. I know its not EXACTLY like a real one, but its pretty good. I will update the thread when i finish it completely. Video is uploaded and should be available in HQ soon.

I would like, but you used that phx plane prop, I hate those props!

looks like it flies nice though, just loose that phx cockpit (I know jet noses are tricky)

I agree with you 100% its kinda cheap and crappy. I think my next project will just be building a decent nose cone. Thanks for the comment!

Looks a bit short to me.

No worries, wasn’t trying 2 dis you, just make the nose and it’ll be sweet, you should keep it as the simple version picture, just with a new nose, then you can keep the lag low enough to have like 5 ppl dogfights

I actually really like your buidling style: nice, simple and clean but still looking good

Oh i know you werent trying to be an ass :slight_smile: I really do appreciate your comments. People who make sensible posts are welcomed, i just ignore the “Yur shit sucks i make stuf 10 timez betta than u!” posts.

thanks again!!

He made the same mess up with cockpit like I did

It being so short makes it look cartoony or like something out of Metal Slug. Lengthen the fuselage and sharpen the wings - F-15 wings are definitely not round at the tip.

Umm yeah i kinda said…

“I know its not EXACTLY like a real one, but its pretty good.”

Appreciate the comments but i wont be making any changes that will cause me to rebuild the entire thing. Im pretty happy with the way it came out. Thanks though!

wings should be pointed in my opinion and it does look a bit short.