F-15 Flying to god knows where in the middle of no where


Nice editing, especially the faint glow from the turbines.

That looks really really realistic.

Great work mate!

Told ya.

It’s not realistic at all!

Turbines should be emitting more glow, less blue, more reddish/yellow. And the control surfaces are not moving, and the jet is clearly banking…

nice pic.

The inside of the turbines should be glowing hotter, have them red or white, cuz right now it just looks like the blue flame is coming out of a static turbine.

Needs more fire exhaust, or whatever it’s called.

Other than that it’s pretty cool, tad plain but I don’t care.

hmm maybe i shoulda made aBIT brighter


Like the thread title.

Depends on whether the afterburners are on. Most jet aircraft emit little light if their afterburners aren’t on.