F-16 MRF (multirole fighter)

This is my new jet I have previously mentioned, my F-16 MRF.

Some pics…


Oops…wrong pictures!

USAF color scheme (this is just a template, change the colors to your preference)




A mexican color scheme







Note: The weapon-names are changed

If you remember my harrier (http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=691932), you will probably notice several changes.
-An exponential amount of lag improvement, will work on most standard GMod servers (as opposed to the Harriers 1 or 2)

-Better parenting

-A different kind of weapons HUD (more on that later)

-About 60% of the props

-A KGCX M197 (mouse1 to fire)

-Sound (If you here a solid tone, this means the aircraft’s targeting system is locked on to a thruster - the higher pitched the tone, the closer you are to the target - aim the nose at something to get a lock)

As I promised, more on the weapons HUD.
-The new HUD is part of an upgrade known as the Smart Weapons System, or SWS. When a weapon is active and a fire command is given, it will attempt to drop the weapon. Otherwise, it MAY accidentally drop another weapon (I will try to fix it). It also requires NO ADDITIONAL WIRING when loading weapons (as opposed to the Harrier’s AAM’s - just plug and play) so long as the plug fits in the socket. I heavily advise duping the weapon under the pod (make sure the plug is clearly in the socket) , as if it’s moved too hard the plug will release (it’s supposed to)

Control list
-WASD (W being up, S being down)
-Note…flight physics are a bit iffy ATM, that’s why I’m still working on it
-Space to go forward (Hold it, if you’re advanced enough you can do tight turns by letting go briefly)
-Shift to cycle through weapons
-Enter to “Track” target (the targeting system won’t lose lock on a given target until toggled off)
-R to brake/reverse (thruster, not wheels)
-* to arm weapons (toggle-able, watch the WEPS ARM in the GPU)
-Mouse2 to drop one of current weapon

Gold-star if you like it, Un-star if you don’t (and constructive reasons for both liking/disliking are very appreciated)

At first I was like wtf when I saw airboat.

Anyway, kewl plane

You trying to be like Hunta?

Those first 2 pics made me die a little inside… Otherwise great!

If you release this plane without reparenting it first there’ll be alot of unnecessary bans on Sax’s. This shit has 970 constrains, cause you didn’t spawn it without constrains before you parented it. Reparent it, then release.

Also, nice fukken plane monn

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Thanks for the feedback. I will try to remove some of the constraints, though I’m afraid it will screw it up. Though it doesn’t lag that much, I will be sure to see what I can do

Come to Nodex’s server.

They have some awesome ECS shit that can unparent props its awesome. Just unparent, unweld, reparent. :smiley:

Can we see the artificial horizont in action?

Lol that’s just a default GPU that comes with Wiremod.

Just take your GPU tool and type hud_fighter and click quickload and spawn it. or fighter_hud. You’ll have to fill out the dataport though.

My milkshake brings all the tards to the yard and their like LOLOLOLOL

Cool plane… very sleek needs moar video.

I saw this on my server, I was the bad pilot :V.

Yeah, this thing does take a bit of practice right now, I am trying to change that

Sick, you got it done. But the coloring w/ the graphics made it bleh.

Hmm. It looks a little low on the ground, but it’s nice to look at.

somebody used the pre-gpu code lol this is sooo cool man i love the back thruster layout very awesome nj

Nice, i saw this alot on bergenbuild. For some reason my GPU tool is bugged and i have nothing in my menu.

I like the first pictures better :slight_smile:

Click this link for the dupe. =)

fucking christ the first pictures had me questioning your sanity

nice plane, seems a little crooked though