F-16 MRF (ver. OVER 9000)


The same bird, but with major changes
-Control changes: / to cycle weapons, if cube in cockpit is GREEN weapons are ARMED
-EPIC De-lagging (main feature)
-Per MacHaddock’s suggestion, reparented, has about 1/4 the constraints of the old one (most parented), if that
-Removed GPUs; replaced w/screens
-Advances in smart weapon system, no longer uses plugs
-Minor flight characteristics tweaks
-NO GUN - KGCX isn’t on all that many servers. Feel free to add it yourself.
-Removed the “anti-steal system” - I figured most admins will know a minge from a decent builder

A note on a major upgrade
-The POTALDS (Pilot Operated Target Acquisition and Laser Designation System)
-Activated by pressing numpad 5
-Holds approximately to a coordinate
-Moved Up, Down, Left, and Right with 8, 2, 4, and 6 respectively (Del is disable holding)
-For optimum accuracy, fly straight, level, and TOWARDS the target
-2 crosshairs
-Screen-wide one shows approximately what direction each key (up, down, left, right) will go
-The [ + ] shows where the current laser-spot is

Bugs/Possible complaints (fixes appreciated!)
-The POTALDS doesn’t hold perfectly to the target
-The POTALDS directions aren’t hyper-perfect (good enough IMO)

Will be releasing the weapons for this soon - some are buggy ATM and need fixing.

One final note - keep the criticism CONSTRUCTIVE please.


** DUPE LINK - http://*********com/f16camcontroller

Weapons Available** (Dupe Links)

AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile

AGM-112 Medium Range Anti-Tank - http://*********com/agm112mrat

MK-82 Dumb Bomb - http://*********com/f16bombs

CBU-97 Anti Light Target

AGM-1337 Guided Long-range Overkill Bomb (The GLOB)

cool beans


looks pretty well put together. Does this plane have the same wire as the previous one? I liked the horizon panel. Reminded me of the old top gun game I used to play in DOS. Nice work.

this thing lags like a mother.

Looks nice. Videoplzkthx?


I’ve seen that on FPBU.

@Cantido - There is no GPU/hud thingy (it lagged too much)

@Foxton - FPS, ping, or both? And how much (numerical impact)
I forgot, this is the one you probably didn’t see. You were thinking
of the old one (which was VERY laggy)

@Maximash - Oh, I forgot…the videolink @ the other one is dead…

@Devon - You probably have. It’s been almost a total rebuild, and took a few months working on and off.

The fux, so many people joined FPBU while i was away -_-.
I was thar 1st :smug:

Need to see it in action :stuck_out_tongue:

well, i was a super admin

i was admin

and xixo why no @abstrakt :_________________(

You didn’t ask a question or raise a concern.

I will be posting a simple video of a bombing run from the pilot’s perspective, and my MK-82 dumb bomb soon.

heres a question

wheres f16mrf version 8999 ??

Abstrakt, it’s probably somewhere in my dupe folder.

no it’s in his… he stoled your dewp.


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Noobs, I was SA before you were respected member.

<3 u though :).

All my old contraptions are on FPBU, or old FPBU… I dunno cause i came back a week after the servers failed fully. Video yet?

Video will come when I find a suitable server.

Needs GCX and WireSVN. No weird mods like Physmod.

Update: Releasing a treat - my MK-82 dumb-bomb
-This is GCX C4, if you want it to be normal then wire the bomb to the detonate option of the E2.

Link: http://tinyurl.com/f16bombs

@Maxim - Check first post for video

I don’t feel like it. :frowning:

i dont either, mines moar sextastic

Embedding disabled by request, and I refuse to use the wiremod forum.

Good game