F-16 shoots at a mig-29 + bonus


“pose” by me, awesome edit by masterfgh
original: http://yfrog.com/jagmskylifev10000j

and two other ones edited by me,

original: http://yfrog.com/2mgmskylifev10005oj

forgot to keep the original for this one

trying to do something other then operators operating with operator guns

Love those models!

Amazing job.

masterfgh made the first one look real :open_mouth:

he did, it’s awesome.

Nice, but I was thinking that the missile needed a smoke trail?

I could have easily mistaken the first for a professional painting if it weren’t for the somewhat blurry textures on the F-16.

I used this PICTURE as reference, so I thought those missiles fly without a smoke trail for the first few meters.But I’m no expert…

Ahhh, okay.

They release and fall but very quickly activate afterwords. The pictures correct.

Sahranian Royal Air Force?
Very nice.

the first picture rocks

Edit is great. Also original picture.

Nice models. Master’s edit is pretty good.

hah I was wondering if anyone would know what this were from.

thanks guys

The first one is beautiful <3

Thanks for the comments.

***Revin’ up yer engine listen to her howl and roar
Metal under tension, beggin’ you to touch and go


***Edit: What? No Top Gun references?