F-22 and Many planes! ALL FOR DOWNLOAD!

4 Jets, 2 Old jets, and 2 new ones, the 2 new ones are F-22s, one is parented w/ E2 and thrusters. The other has no thrusters, it might have an E2 on it. You can repost these jets w/ my permission just incase that dupe is broken or you fixed the handling or improved some aspect.

Schwani gave me permission to promote his WWII plane. Pictures of all the jets will be below V


This is an older jet, E2’d by Schwani.


Here’s Schwani’s P51 WWII fighter.


Here’s My F-22(IDK Why I call it that)

Erm… yeah.


Erm yep? I know they aren’t OMG AMAZING DOWNLOAD NAO. But yep.

The second plane makes me lol a bit.

Yeah, it was made for public release :P, not made for personal keep.

Well they all kinda suck, but win at once.

I decided I like them.

They arn’t amazing quality, they are pretty cool and fly well though.

the green plane looks kinda cool.

Green one = best out of those 3.

The only thing I see wrong with the green one is that the propellers should be at the front… not in the middle of the tip… kinda. Looks like it’s plates welded on the body, not like they’re propellers that got the ability to rotate at all. Otherwise the green one is kinda cool :buddy:

Ldesu, they do rotate. :stuck_out_tongue:

5:51 PM - ScHwAnI: say it does rotate
5:51 PM - ScHwAnI: its on a prop in the middle

I said it looks like they don’t

That P-51 is so cute, you want to just pick it up and hug it :love:

You’re a horrible person.