F.3.A.R. Character Model Rips


Well i usually port to XNALara thatz why the preview pic is made in that program >_> However the provided files are in .obj format with .dds textures (AO maps in .tga).
Any 3d app that supports .obj should be able to open them. They are not rigged (yeah uh…obj you know xD), since they’re ripped with Game Assassin.
I can post the whole F.E.A.R. 2 cast too soon.
Saw a request thread about Point Man and Fettel some time ago so i decided to post them here. Have fun.


PS: And yes. Their textures really are that low res. Captured them on highest possible settings in-game.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If its alright with you I was wondering if you could throw in one or two armacham soldiers :stuck_out_tongue: Just wondering if not then its ok I just thought they looked cool ^^

Other then that nice work on these!

No problem =)

thx xD

Yeah can try to get a few. Although i doubt there are many variations >_>
Will try to get them tomorrow =)

Holy shit! Adult Alma is ugly! I have the game but i could barely see how she looked like.

IKR? >_> I seriously never imagined someone could destroy Alma’s beauty but the guys at Day 1 Studios managed to.

what about the creeper

I really hope someone attempts to rig these models at some point.

Meh, to be fair after the many times her corpse grappled with me in FEAR2, I don’t consider Alma as one of the best looking gals around anyway. :v:

If nobody minds, I might have a go at rigging the Armacham goons.

Already have


Almost done with ATC guys too. If anyone want to help test them soon.

I can help testing them :>

Eh, she’s pretty much a corpse under it all anyways. Who’s the new female sidekick by the way? First game had that asian agent, second had stokes. I assume this one is someone new.

Same asian chick from the first game. Although, Fettel is more or less the sidekick now.

It’s the same asian chick. FEAR 2 and 3 are pretending none of the first game’s DLC/addons/expansions never happened.

Are we going to be seeing any weapon models?

well she is covered in blood (probably from menstruation) and is pregnant

lol. anyway, good job! can’t wait for those ATC soldiers!

Nice that the ATCs are already in progress :smiley:

Maybe someone will rip them. Won’t be me. The weapons of FEAR 2 are far more interesting and all above more HD >_>

Lol yeah i know but i liked her human FEAR 2 form anyway (without being a perv. have better things to do than staring at pixels)

IMO it’s stupid that they inculded Jin in the game >_> New character would have been slightly better but meh. I’m not a fan of F3AR anyway.

Jesus fuckin’ chris-falls of his chair and starts sucking his thumb like a baby having a nightmare

thanks man!