I know the game just came out, but I was wondering if someone could get models like Point Man and Paxton.

If 3D Ripper DX gets updated to support it, or if some porting tools are released, then I’ll definitely be doing something with the weapons. But as for character models, I don’t have any experience with that.

oh gods what did they do to the art style

What about the art? It looks just fine to me.

They look like something out of the starwars cartoon. Just compare fear 1 and 2 characters to that.

It’s a CG scene if I remember correctly. They do have pretty pronounced facial features though. I never liked the fact that they revealed Point Man’s face (and gave him an epic beard at that). I liked how in the first game he had that mask with the glasses and it completely concealed his face. At least they didn’t make him talk. Would have been character ruining.

Like how Metroid Other M ruined Samus.

I don’t know what it is, but something about Fettel’s hairline in FEAR 3 bothers me…

I think its the fact that his hair is almost shaped like a smooth triangle

I like to call it the “Vegeta’s Peak.”

u mean that bullet hole in his head?

So is anyone up to make this?


Any1? C’mon, don’t be shy…

Meh I just want the props. Like the vehicles.

what kind of vehicles are there

Scooter bike
Taxi Cab
Police Car
Bus(with interior)
Moving Truck
Subway Train Car(has interior)
Various destroyed civilian vehicles
3 different Armacham mechs(1 being a drone and 2 that can be piloted)
Armacham APC(with/without mounted RPG and it has an interior)
Armacham attack helicopter
Armacham transport helicopter
Armacham Sentry Drone

There are also some other pretty cool models in there that I want like the civilian/military corpses or the military dudes in general. It’s a shame people think this game wasn’t too good because I thought it was alright.

I think that people didn’t like it because its not as scary as the first 2. But the gameplay is so much fun.

I didn’t buy FEAR 3 in hopes it would scare me. For one, they added cooperative, which would totally negate any kind of scariness, and two, they use the same old tricks, so it literally has no effect on you if you’ve played the first two already. FEAR 2 wasn’t really scary either, except for some parts in the elementary school chapter.

It’s more action base.

None of the F.E.A.R. games were really scary, they were always action based. It was only once in a while they’d use some cliched tactic to get you startled but for the most part you were just running and gunning like a G 90% of the time. The cutscenes in 2 and 3 are far better and more interesting, but the first game will always have one of my favorite opening cinematics in any videogame.