F/A-18 - # I lost count

So yeah got back into gmod for a bit and whipped this up in about 7 hours





Back of the fuselage is a bit jaggy, but I can’t really fix that now. Cockpit will be furnished later, and I’ll have it parented and flying.

The vertical stabilizers look a bit weird

That was definitely the hardest part because of the way gmod does its snap-to-degrees. You can’t snap it at the angle the real F/A-18 has it so I had to manually turn it into place. I only noticed that it was small near the end of the build. I guess I’ll have to change that

Looks like a good start, but the cockpit is too large for the body. Aside from that, the vert stabs are also pretty stubby, and IMO a little too far forward. It also looks like the body is really rough. Yeah, I know how hard that is…

I advise using Precision Alignment. It would allow you to achieve the exact angle of fins that the F-18 uses, and would really help with those jagged edges.

I really ought to give an F-18 a whirl.


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What the hell, pretty sure I deleted my other post, but facepunch decided to delete the one with content. Anyways, here’s a few corrections and additions with max settings on. The rough body you’ve been seeing might have been from zero AA.



Really nice,

That looks waaay better. Some of the cylindrical parts still look a tad jagged though.

Ready to go and parented:



Thanks Garry!

I wish I had the patience to build shit like this…

omgg ggarry posted <3333