F.A:S 2 Soldiers re-rig

So yesterday i downloaded F.A:S 2 Alpha into my brothers computer to experience a little bit with it’s content in Gmod, maps, models and all that stuff works great. I went to check out the player models and they are quite weird, (as the body model doesn’t has a head, and the head is into a separate folder wich i have to bonemerge into the body), they are pretty stiff, thing that i can understand since they are trying to make a realistic game, but they work fine, everything seems to be ok (except for when i bonemerge the head, wich for some reason, appears to be alive, yes, he can lip and make facial expressions all the time like a NPC, they just don’t moove they’r eyes, minor thing…). I tryed replacing the .phy file several times with another one more flexible, but they just simply crash Gmod, then i realized it was because they are not on the Valve Biped rig, they are on a custom one… So i’m wondering if someone can just re-rig them to Valve Biped and i’ll try to fix the rest, i can’t do it right now due personal reasons (Well, my brothers aren’t here anymore and i just have this shitty laptop), but if someone can do something with it, i would really preciate it, just rig them to Valve Biped and done… Here’s a download to the guys so you can check them out and try to do something, if there’s any missing texture or error, tell me and i’ll upload the file again: https://www.mediafire.com/?bkk8fd4ai2vwsbf

The guys i’m refeering should look like this without the white and forest camo, just the desert one or some kind of red camo (Russians or Blue team have FLORA Camo)

Thanks to anyone who’s able to do it!

Actually. If they were more insterstin’ i would sit down and make 'em.

Well, they have +10 different ammo packs for each side s bodygroups, 2 helmets, 3 different armors, +6 of headgear stuff, arm and crotch armor and as for the heads, they have 4 different types, +5 bodygroups for gear, and it’s wounded respective vercion, i’d really like to see them… They also have bodygroups for extra gear for different types of perk you’d choose with 3 different levels, each one adds a little more gear than the last one.


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I’ll bump this 3 times maximum, i really want to see these guys into a new rig…

BUMP. 3/3

I’m Sorry this is going to sound stupid but what is F.A:S 2

Since it’s the only thing I can think of linking it to, I’d assume that they are referring to Firearms: Source in its current version (which is version 2.0.something).

is this a standalone game or a mod for like CS:S or Gmod

F.A:S 2 is a current FPS standalone mod on alpha development state