F.B.I. agent catching terrorist.


Those lips…

He’s kissing his invisible girlfriend

“Maybe if i give him my best puppy dog face…”

Oh silly terrorist.

Nice posing on the Agent.

Posing’s alright, kinda boring to be honest but there’s nothing wrong in the pic really.

I like the finger posing on the FBI guy.

The Terrorist’s posing is somewhat odd and his face is…nevermind. I like the posing on the FBI Agent though.

Stop spamming your terrible pictures this isn’t 4chan

the terrorist is a woman.

Was. Was a woman. Now he/she is stealing money to afford a completion to process.

Some good posing on the FBI dude.

Spend some fucking time on your poses or stop posting them. If you don’t want to put the effort in to improve, then go somewhere else.