F*** Combines (Headshot and Rim Light Test)

Comments & Ratings appreciated.

The rim lighting is a little messed up because while I was editing, the picture moved a bit so yea… :v:

I like the rim lighting, plus, I don’t think it looks messed up at all! :slight_smile:
The headshot is nice too.

The rim-lightning is okay.

The rim-lightning lol.

The rim lighting is too colorful, wide and strong. The muzzle just doesnt’t make enough light to create rimlighting like that.
The blood needs work, it has weird angle.

Good job. Nice rim light and blood. Muzzle flash looks a bit on the big side though.

I’ll say that for Zerax

Fuck you.


Am i the only one who don’t like rimlighting? :u

Rim lightening is a part of our daily life. If you learn to love it and bask in its eternal light, it will love you back and make sure your silhouette is always displayed in the best way so females can get aroused and lust for you.

I’m hungry.

I wish that was true :saddowns:

Good job. Rated artistic :smiley:

Muzzle flash looks more like a flashlight’s beam.

Rim lighting isn’t too good, as Juraj said.
I think the headshot and posing looks great though.

The rim-lighting is quite good, although a little excessive, and I can’t tell from what light-source it’s coming from. It seems unrealistic. The blood looks quite good.

Posing looks to unrealistic, according to your title the citizen screams FUCK COMBINE ! and is kinda scared and not so cold, he should be more afraid.

Never heard of paralyzed with fear? That was what I thought. Viola. Pose makes perfect sense. Use your imagination:biggrin:

Oh, thanks for clearing that up, it’s perfect then !

Nope. I said it makes sense. Not perfect. I try to adjust my mental image after the picture I am looking at. Which makes pretty much sense since you can’t adjust the picture. But of course I can’t do that with downright lousy pictures.

Maybe it’s his facial hair. If he has any. I like the picture, seems good for me.

I’m not really good with blood.