Why is it that whenever I think of something scary/creepy, this little girl always seems to come to mind? Anyway, I figured there was something creepy about Alma in a wheelchair, so this is the result.
Was gonna put Sgt. Stokes into the scene too, but that failed.

Also, if anyone has any idea were I can grab faceposable child Alma, I’d really like to know. I’m sure I’ve seen her around on Facepunch (and I’m pretty sure it was done by nexuselite). It’d be much easier for posing.

You should remove that blood brush near the font.

But it’s not bad , looks creepy.

Thanks. I removed the blood effect too.

Agh! I just saw her! Creepy and Nice.

wow, great edit and… horror

I seem to do a lot of creepy stuff these days, but thanks! :smiley:

Yeah, Creepy shit reminds me of Alma Wade, no matter, if it’s a murder or even a rape, or disturbing the peace charge for someone in a movie or something I instantly think…

“Sounds like what Alma would do!”

Is it just me or does Sgt.Stokes look and sound like Zoey? And I love how you put 15 year old Alma in the back ground with the doll on the ground, Maybe she grew out of it? As always, awesome.

Everything bad is cause of Alma, at least I’ve come to that conclusion, heh.
Yeah, Stokes is voiced by the same actor (who also voices Cortana from Halo incase you didn’t know). Hmmm, they do kinda look the same, which is probably no coincidence.
Errr, the doll was just kinda there, but yeah, I’m game. She grew out of it! Sounds like something Alma would do.

Nice picture, but I don’t like that weird grain you do.

This grain is actually something new compared to the last pic I did with those Nurses giving Zoey a helping hand. The pic looked too ‘clean’ without the grain, so I thought i’d make it look, errr, ‘less clean’.

Nice pic. I remember playing the first game. The rule was to keep any cup of hot coffee away from the keyboard.

Alma is the creepiest shit ever to be unleashed upon unsuspecting gamers:)

FEAR was so scary. That game really fucked me up.

FEAR 2 though? Well the combat was much better but it wasn’t nearly as scary.