F.E.A.R Hind D

Bottom Line : I would like the Hind D from F.E.A.R or the one in Project Origin (The ones that the Replica use) as an ingame prop for G-Mod

Reward : A lovely large box of happy pills.



And if its not too much to ask, I’d like to know how you port stuff from F.E.A.R

you know there is a COD4 hind that looks just like that one on garry’s mod.org?

In fact, it actually looks a lot better

For that matter, virtually any recent-ish game’s Hind would look better than that

but it wouldnt have the fear feeling

A hind is a hind.

Maybe if it was modified in some way or sported some really unique camouflage pattern or paint scheme, I’d be inclined to agree. Instead, it’s a bog-standard Mi-24D bearing a bog-standard white/grey pattern with bog-standard markings - and a pretty low-poly one at that. (As far as I can see, anyway - never played FEAR)