[F:NV] Riot Armor REDUX

Being sick and having a sore throat I finally decided to upload this updated version of the model which I ported alonglonglonglonglonglonglong time ago.

6 bodygroups (3 helmets, 3 armors)


Sexual physics (now you can pose the coat.)


100% black in dark, but visor glows in the dark.

Also it is a playermodel.


Link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/52035123/somemodels/Riot%20Gear.rar
Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=124259234

Nice. It’s not every day you see a Fallout 3, New Vegas models. Wish though somebody could fix up that Joshua Graham model.


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There’s nothing wrong with that model last I checked.

А как ты сделал позабельный плащ? А то у моей модели, когда его двигаешь, она движется с частью ноги. :frowning:


Well I’ll probably release some more soon, but what’s wrong with Josh? Last I checked it didn’t have any issues aside from minor clipping.

Nice work on the riot armor NikouT, I personally like the custom version without the duster coat more though.

Thank you so much. I was thinking to work on Mr Gutsy and Mr Handy robots aswell. Already ported though, still need to convert texures and change specular maps a bit :v: .

Last time I tried to pose the model I got more frustrated than trying to pose oogaboogamans Skyrim models. But it’s fine. Just needs some fine tuning.

So it isn’t broken at all, you just don’t like the phys constraints. Could try to update that later I suppose.

Would be really cool, just if you port them remember to get their corresponding skins throughout, like RobCo or Big MT’s white nurse ones.

Of course I am going to make skin variations aswell.

Ok then. Yo Nikout how did you do his coat posable? When i move my models coat it moves with a part of its leg.

It’s custom made only for one model. If you have the old version of the Riot Gear, delete it and install this one on the top of the page.

Something about the visor is really strange.

Most excellent.

Wait, why are the two eyes connected? It’s not like that in-game.

robot noises


Actually they are. Just that the texture gives it off.

Looks a lot better the other way.