F-Zero GX Models

Hi if it’s even possible I’d like some models from F-Zero GX


The ones that they use for the interviews.

Example of what I mean.

Theres so many characters in the game but I only want a few.

Captain Falcon

Blood Falcon

Black Shadow

Mr. Zero (The guy with the green hair that does the interviews)

Though I would like one vehicle from the game which is the Blue Falcon.

Also I know that there is the Brawl model for Captain Falcon and Blood Falcon but they are different in this game.

or lets get the all the characters in the game, how about that…

I tried to run GX on dolphin but it doesn’t work. That means you can’t rip from GX. However, SSB Brawl has some models from f-zero GX, and we can extract them. They also have some low quality f-zero vehicles (the ones used in port town aero dive)
I sucesfully extracted the fire stingray, and i plan to port it soon, since Samurai Goroh is my main pilot ;).
I don’t know how to make ragdolls though. I can rip some models from brawl if you find anyone that can ragdoll’em.
Oh and BTW, I ported the blood falcon skin :slight_smile:

Hmmm I guess the ones from Brawl will have to do then. I’ve seen people with the Blue Falcon (drivable as well) but have no idea where they got it from.

As for Mr. Zero I guess someone can just reskin someone to look like him.

well we know that its only a few f zero models in brawl…

Thank you for the obvious.

You’ve got good taste.

If you read some of my old posts you’d see I’m quite the Falcon fan myself.

I’m sure some of these guys here could tell you.

Though the only characters I really want to see from F-Zero are Black Shadow and a better Blood Falcon with his evil teeth.

Vert’s reskin is really good, but it doesn’t have the evil smile.
Or the teeth.

But both of those models are in Brawl, so that makes that easy.

Oh, almost forgot about Death Borne.

And possibly James Mc’Cloud.

And Dr. Stewart…
So, should I rip them or not? BTW I don’t still know how to texture them properly…
Also, If I made a pack with some port town aero dive machines, which ones should I port?

ah……Jody Summers…

I knew it…I knew one of yall will bring up Jody Summers, yall just…unpredictable

I know yall too well


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I’d say all the F-Zero models from Brawl would make a great model pack so yes by all means rip them when you can. Hmm… I dunno which machines are in that map but I would think ripping the ones of the characters who have models in Brawl would be a good start. Then again they already have their machines next to their trophies you could use I guess. Whatever you can I guess.

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I’m starting to really like you, Show. Or do you prefer Moves? Or would you rather I say the whole damn thing?

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Oh, as for picture links, I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but if you slip in these tags before and after direct video or picture links;

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Thanks. I guess YaMoves would be fine.

I had a feeling there was a code for images, oh well. Anyways I guess this thread is now about requesting the F-Zero Brawl models instead of the ones from F-Zero GX. Too bad about Mr. Zero though. I could have used him for stupid interviews just like in the game.

They usually go like this.

“I’m the best F-Zero racer ever!”
“I see. Thank you for the interview!”


“Mwhahaha… I’m going to destroy the world!”
"Okay then!

I’m 16 you fool

Maybe someone can model his head and merge it with gman’s body(reskined of course). It would be cool to make a video of him interviewing Link or ganondorf, even samus or ike.
I’m going to try to rip black shadow, dr.stewart, jody summer and blood falcon. I already have the texures of those last models.
It’s interesting how blood falcon uses some textures that have the name of the captain. Hopefully I will have more time in christmas to do this. First I have to port the fire stingray, which I hav already riped. I have to fix the wing and the textures of the glass.

Yeah that could work out really nice. Hmm… Theres three different colored versions of him though. I found a base they could use for the green suit version of him though. http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=73888

I tried to skin/hex whatever you call it but I had no luck and the model I used didn’t change at all. I did have one thing happen which was Captain Falcons visor turn red. Maybe if I read more tutorials I’ll get it right.
As for the Brawl models thanks so much.

Bumpin’ cause I released something related to F-zero (this time the very first F-Zero game):

Classic Captain Falcon:



Classic samurai Goroh:





Oh hey, Vert, if I found a skin I liked, could I get you to hex it on one of the already released Brawl Models?

Oh, and Vert; does the skin have no eyes or does it have them? Cause you have a pic with each.

Yes! I’ll definitely use that Captain Falcon skin. Now all we need is the Melee version. But anyways I’ll be here waiting on progress for whatever F-Zero brawl models someone decides to do.

I admit suggestions. I don’t have GIMP anymore, so I can’t make my own skins now. But I can port whatever you find I think. I’m thinking about getting photoshop…
I will do the king on ganondorf as my next project (he will use TF2 shaders).
Oh and that Captain Falcon has eyes. I removed them with MS paint, haha. I don’t know how to remove them from the model…

He, he, I made a revamped melee/X version ages ago: