F0CUS: Scammer

Let me first start off with my reputation: I’ve been running a DarkRP server for 2 years, purchased plenty of jobs from both Coderhire and ScriptFodder (https://gyazo.com/6126608198e2147e2f45ae92e4d26569) and have never scammed someone for their work, or even charged them back. As long as you do what I ask then you get paid.

I’ve been using this coder, F0CUS (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059197581/), for the last few months and he’s done a great job. I’ve never paid him more than $15 at a time but he always got it done quickly and exactly how I wanted it.

Then, I decided I wanted a new Scoreboard, I messaged him and we got everything settled. $35 for a Scoreboard. He then proceeds to keep in contact with me for about a week and then suddenly he stops. I’ve not heard anything from him in a month, and I keep trying to contact him. It says he’s online and in-game right now and yet he still will not respond, he’s gotten off and on the game again and again but still won’t. I don’t have any chat logs saved because I really wasn’t expecting to need to use them but I just wanted to post this to keep people aware that F0CUS will take your money and run. (I also paid through Friends and Family because I trusted him, so I cannot chargeback.)

Why are you bringing this up here when you could talk to the Coderhire admins or something about this

ScriptFodder*. And because since I didn’t save the chat logs, I don’t have proof.

Then why the heck do you think anything will be different if you post about it here?

Why didn’t you copy the chat?

Chat logs can be accessed on the mobile app

you can still chargeback if you send as family and friends you know