F1 Commands

So i would like to know some commands that i could do using F1.
Some people were saying that there is some pretty cool ones that do some weird stuff.

EDIT I guess you’re not looking for server commands.

You can use the console to change some parameters contained in the game’s config file (such as grass.on true/false) But unlike how opening the config file and editing the parameters makes the changes permanent, changing the parameters from the F1 screen only effects that play session.

Here’s a list of console commands from the rust wikis (same list on both wikis):
grass.on true/false - Enables or disables grass; Improves FPS for some
grass.displacement true/false - Enables or disables grass displacements.
terrain.idleinterval 0-100 - Sets how often to draw unseen terrain; setting to 0 will disable.
gui.show - Turns the UI on.
gui.hide - Turns the UI off.
gui.show_branding - Turns the branding UI in top-right corner on.
gui.hide_branding - Turns the branding UI in top-right corner off.
net.connect “Server IP” - Connect to a direct server IP.
net.disconnect - Disconnects from a server.
net.reconnect - Reconnect to the last server you were on.
censor.nudity true/false - Disables or enables censorship.
suicide - Kills your character allowing for a respawn.
quit - Quits the game.

That list isn’t complete though, as I said you can also use the console to change pretty much any of the parameters in the config file, such as: