f1-f12 Lua keys.

I know that f3 Is: ShowSpare1 and f4 is: Showspare 2. What are the other 10? If anyone know f5 that would work just fine too, but it’d be nice to know the rest for ahead of time.

F1 to F4 are controlled by SERVER-side hooks, but can also be retrieved using Clientside hooks.

This shows how to use PlayerBindPress ( clientside, in example 2 ), or the f1-f4 serverside hooks with networking: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26074909/tutoring/vgui/open_vgui_based_on_keypress.lua.html

Not all people have the F keys bound; PlayerBindPress doesn’t work on unbound keys, if I recall correctly. There are other hooks that let the client know about keys being pressed. Some act odd when other buttons are being pressed at the same time / held down, or don’t work at all during other buttons being held. So, in that event, a Think hook can be used to “reliably” detect key presses.

Here are some hooks that may help: