F1-F4 not working

Ok so i was trying to get my hl2 original weapon skins to normal so i just copied the stuff in my hl2 folder into gmod and its copied fine but it didnt fix the skins but what my real problem is that in any gmod server none of my F1 F2 F3 F4 keys work and its not any servers ive tried 4 servers and none of them do anything when i hit them and there servers that have things for F1-F4. (and help with the skins would be nice to)


Skins: Verify GMod files

Controls: Make sure that F1-F4 is bound in options, if not, reset defaults

If your keyboard has an F-lock, make sure it’s on.

Ok im doing the verify now and i dont have an “F-lock” hopefully it will work and the F1-F4 worked without the needed sarcasim from Onacaval

The verification did not fix the skins btw.