F1 in game doesn't work need help!

Hello :slight_smile:
I need help, here is my situation.
For a while now in Gmod when i click F1 for deathrun, TTT and other game modes it does not work.
I have tried:
alt f1 (i don’t have FN)
verify game integrity
i have tried it on a different computer.
i don’t know what to do!

Is it Garry’s Mod only, or is it an external issue? In other words, have you verified that your F1 ever works?

yes f1 does work, it works in surf gamemode only and i checked with chrome.

Check your keyboard binds in options. What is F1 binded to?

i just saw the help option ty alot code,
lol sometimes i don’t notice the small things.( i looked in binds for an hour trying to fix it a while ago)