F1 Item list - Problem

Every time I give myself whatever from F1 - Item List

It shows in chat globally:

For example: berdyev gave berdyev 100 x wood

How do I get rid of that? (Or how do I make this disappear?).


Honestly if you have to ask this question, you shouldn’t be running a rust server. (Or you literally just started today).

At the moment the only way to remove it is by modding your server.

Well shit. I got real life responsibilities and haven’t really worked on Rust for a long time. Instead of giving me shit, please just tell me how to do it.

sorry but if you run a server you should at the very least read the devblog each week.

And I did in my previous post, at the moment the only way to remove it would be to mod your server by installing oxide and getting a plugin off of the oxide website ( there’s already one to remove the notification) this will of course make your server appear under the modded section though.

Can I get the name of the plugin please?

My server is already modded so its no problem.

Sure give me a minute and I’ll have a look for you.


Adminspawnforrust is the plugin you’re looking for mate.


Still wondering why you’re setting up a server if you haven’t even played for long? You must have some understanding of the game in order to admin it decently. :smiley:
Same thing with your second question. If you can’t even find the plugin you need, you probably shouldn’t run a server since ALL plugins you will ever need are found on the one and only site for plugins. Unless you use magma.

Good luck anyhow. Starting a server and getting it populated is a bloody nightmare. :smiley: